M&B: Central FAQ

What is the purpose of this website?

To host the Mount&Blade: Warband Server List and other tools that I create for the Mount&Blade community.

How does the Warband Server List work?

The WSL queries the master server list hosted by TaleWorlds to gather a list of all servers that are currently online. It then queries each server individually and populates the information into the list you see on this site.

Why does <Insert Server Name> not appear on this list?

For one reason or another, WSL is being blocked from accessing that particular server's information. It could be that the server host is blocking the connection or that the server itself is doing it. I do not believe it will be possible to get all of the servers to appear on this list, but I can guarantee a majority will appear.

Known Servers that Will Not Appear:

  • cRPG Servers: WSE2 prevents any information from being gathered. Server Info can be found here

What other projects are being worked on right now?

There are a handful of projects I have worked on and am working on currently:

  • Warband Community Launcher (WIP): The WCL is a project that will allow players to download mods much more easily. The client configuration is just about complete, but logistics sorrounding how mod developers will have control over their mod files still needs to be figured out.
  • Replace a Face: The name describes it best. It parses the multiplayer profiles file and gives users the ability to replace the face of any multiplayer account found. You can find out by clicking the 'Replace a Face' link above. All of this source is also available so feel free to take a look!
  • Python library for communicating with WSE RCON servers.
  • Some contributions to the US GK TDM server relating to WSE.
  • Some contributions to the Calradic Campaign server.

What if I had a question that wasn't listed here?

Feel free to contact me (Horns) either on the r/mountandblade discord which can be found here or on the TaleWorlds forums (username is horns).